Lingewoud. Inventive software development since 2000.

Our ideas

Software development is a creative trade. Every solution we make, starts with a Eureka-moment. And after that the real work follows. More about us »

Our products

Whether we are developing software to optimize the internal business processes of our customers, expanding their international growth or facilitating their customers with user-friendly tools, we are always inventive. Our products »

We are open-minded

And we believe in Open Source software. The code we create and release is almost always available to other developers, all over the world.

Our (technical) habitat

Different programs, tools, development languages and methods make our life a little easier. We feel at home in many languages, tools, programs and OSes: including PHP, JavaScript, Ruby, jQuery, SASS, Debian, Mac OS X, TYPO3, Flash en Solr.

Our way of work

The starting point of our products is always a creative technical concept. For the development of products we use the Scrum methodology. We aim for the highest quality, deliver on time and within the set budget.

We like to cooperate

Because of our large network we can work together with freelance professionals and other specialised companies. We have a strategic partnership with Select Advertising and Pippali. Our partners »

Proud of our clients

In the past years we have created beautiful products for bigger and smaller sized organisations, but always great brands. With many of them we have stable relationships. Our clients »

We’re hiring

Lingewoud is expanding. We are looking for frontend and backend developers. Are you interested? Then we expect you to be able to handle TYPO3 and to have knowledge on the latest developments in your area of expertise.

Know more about Lingewoud?

Want to hear our vision directly from us? Would you like to know more about the products we design? Or are you interested in a job as developer? We would like to make your acquaintance. Contact »

Lingewoud & TYPO3

TYPO3 Silver member
Since 2005 TYPO3 has been the foundation of all our web-based solutions. TYPO3 is a robust and open source CMS, making advanced applications and great system integrations possible. With over 6000 available extensions, practically everything is possible.

Lingewoud is also an active member of the TYPO3-community. As a silver member we support TYPO3 CMS in their ongoing development.

Contact us »

Internet Consultancy

Difficult questions, clear answers

Complex technical and online issues demand creative solutions. We are a partner that thinks with you and opens up roads to a more transparent and user-friendly product, which we also wish to design for you. Lingewoud delivers custom-made software corresponding to the demands and wishes of our clientele. We have been doing so for years.

Would you like to know what we have to offer for your organization? Please contact us »

Our clients


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